The ELOS products are designed to create unique experience. ELOS has always offered reliability and durability. To do this the focus is on the essential: no unnecessary frills.

The ELOS F100filters perfectly reflect this approach. Stainless steel, equipped with a removable DC pump and with the ability to replace the steel bodyto be able to resize the filtering capacity.

The best materials, combined with the mechanical precision and constructive attention, guarantee performance and durability above average ... for years of use.

PVC and Stainless Steel

... for maximum durability

316L grade stainless steel is used for the bodies of the ELOS filters, the same that is used in high-tech industries, aerospace and chemicals industries, to provide maximum resistance to corrosion.

It is an extremely durable alloy that retains all its beauty, even in the most extreme environments.

Treated with a surface finishing process that consists in a selective removal of impurities in the anode phase, which involves the creation of a uniform film on the surface of the body, and the removal of any defect.

The PVC flanges guarantee a perfect seal and longevity.

DC pump


Small, silent, with adjustable flow andeasy maintenance, the DC pump is incorporated in all ELOS filters. This efficient pump incorporates a brushless DC motor controlled by an electronic circuit that warranty guarantee a duration 500 times higher than similar DC pumps.

The continuous operation and low noise are obtained by the use of a post in high precision ceramic and zirconium in a rotor that runs on the bushings Grafinte. Designed to ensure long lasting performance.

Reversed Flow

... to simplify maintenance

The maintenance of our filters is extremely easy. No need to remove the filter or remove it from the aquarium.

All you have to do is open the top cover and remove the material (on the top of the filter) to clean.

Thanks to the design to "reverse flow" (the water enters from the top), the mechanical material will be easy to clean, without the need to remove the biological material which is housed in the central part of the filter, after the chemical part (coal or resin).

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