Hand made,
Exclusive Aquarium

ELOS has always offered its customers High quality aquariums.

Today, with the new Diamond Line ELOS surpass itself.

Thanks to the use of the exclusive DiamondVision crystal, our new aquariums reach an uncomparable transparency!

The new Quiet Drain overflow will grant a noise free experience, also with HIGH water flows.

The new Silent Flow pumps will allow a strong in tank water flow, with unparalleled consumption.

It's an ELOS aquarium - A complete new experience!

DiamondVision Crystal

ELOS ruled the roost in the realization of aquariums , through the use of the ExtraClear Glass.

ELOS today, first in the world, introduces the new
ELOS DiamondVision,
for a "crystalline" view of the guests of your aquarium!

ELOS DiamondVision combines the qualities of scratch
resistance of the ELOS ExtraClear glass, with a unique
transparency. Thanks to a light transmission of 92% and a color
rendering of 99% the aquariums of the new DiamondLine
will offer an extraordinary view of the guests of your aquarium.

Bi-component glue:
always we make our aquariums braceless,
thanks to the unique
characteristics of the silicone we
Today, first on the market, we
introduce a new bi-component,
high tenacity glue. Used on larger
models, which require a better
resistance to pressure:
ELOS raises again the sealing
characteristics of its tanks, for
added security!

The ELOS QuietDrain overflow (patent pending), with a small footprint
and a new variable flow drain, encompasses the features that all users
require in a modern aquarium' drain:

unparalleled quietness,
high flow,

Thanks to its clever design, high-flow pumps can be used (up to 11,000 liters),
without creating any drain noise.
Equipped with a tap in the drain and in the return, the flow can be controlled,
thereby reducing the need to install many flow pumps as is necessary
to with other tanks on the market today.

Carefully designed pre-chamber -

The Double Return allows the user to adjust the flow of water independently
between the top and the bottom of the water column.

This ensures the removal of nutrients and toxins from all parts of the aquarium,
without the need to add extra movement pumps.

Tested thoroughly to ensure maximum safety, thanks to the design of the drain
pre-chamber the overflow ensures homogeneous water
flow from bottom, intermediate and the surface area.

This allows for the removal of the water and debris from the bottom area of
the aquarium and the removal of bacterial film from the surface

Classic line cabinets have always been supplied with ELOS aquariums.

The clean design has inspired the market since its introduction. Made of
melamine laminate waterproof V100 and edged in PVC, the cabinets
are made for strength, durability and functionality.

The standard color is white with a gloss door - aesthetically stunning

The ELOS Absolute line
stand frame is constructed of
AISI 316 stainless steel and
provides the perfect upgrade
for the System 120 and above.
Clad in a stylish water resistant
melamine laminate which is V100
waterproof to stylishly house all

All ELOS aquariums incorporate the NEW DESIGN SUMP. Everything needed is
incorporated into the design of this new Hybrid SUMP. 

Made in glass, for easy maintenance and with a built in PVC separator, the ELOS
Hybrid SUMP includes a degassing chamber, a mechanical chamber (two in larger
models) a chemical chamber with a high water flow where filtration materials such
as: resins, carbon, zeolite etc. can be housed.

The water flow can be adjusted in each chamber in order to adapt the flow to the
specific materials being used. 

All of the sumps incorporate a separate chamber that can be used as RO water
storage for automatic toping up to accommodate for evaporation loss, or thanks
to the overflow hole, as a designated refugium. 

The large center area can house the return pump and protein skimmer etc.

Low voltage pumps

ELOS SilentFlow:

the new DC pumps with adjustable flow, equipped
with the practical electronic controller.

Available in three different models, equip
all the aquarium in this range and are the ideal
complement to make the most of the features of
the new Quiet Drain Overflow ELOS QuietDrain,
reducing the need for unsightly movement pumps.

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